【1day private tour in Kansaiについて】



1日(約7時間) 25,000円(1グループ5名まで)
ツアー料金に含まれるもの ガイド料、ご要望に応じた行程企画等。
ツアー料金に含まれないもの 観光施設への入場料、食事代、交通費





E-mail: info@denpakudo.jp


about 1day private tour in Kansai】

We can arrange a private tour specially organized to meet your schedule and places of interest.
We cover not only Himeji, but also Osaka, Kyoto and the surrounding areas.

Our guides are happy to accompany you for all these destinations.

Reference info about tour

1day (Duration: about 7 hours)  \25,000- (Maximum 5 people/ group
Includes: Guiding fee, Process fee planning on request.
Excludes: Admission fee, foods, drinks and transportation fee.

We will accept a payment at the meeting point.
※If you are looking for a tour outside of Himeji Castle, there is a separate transportation fee.
If you wish to use public transportation at your request, please bear the cost of the guide.

For inquiries, please contact Himeji convention support.
E-mail: info@denpakudo.jp